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Luckily, we live in Western Australia and for that reason we are very fortunate to have great weather for a lot of the year. This makes exterior painting jobs a pretty pleasant affair, we are happy to say. However, if it does rain, if the wind does blow, even if we are talking about sleet and snow, we are the guys and gals to get exterior painting jobs done for you. It is something that we enjoy: being out there with the sun on our backs and the nature around us. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch for a great exterior painting and restoration job here in Bunbury and keep reading for more details.

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Port Town

If you haven’t already noticed, the port town of Bunbury that we operate in is a pretty sight to behold. Part of the reason for this is that the whole town’s rustic aesthetic seems to be leaning towards vibrancy. A bird’s-eye view of the town would look like a mosaic of color and bustle. So, if you haven’t already, we advise you to get with the program! If you are a home-owner, a great paint job will add value to your house and if you are a commercial customer, that lick of paint adds a whole lot of character to the image of your business.


The thing about exterior painting jobs is that many people consider them to be DIY sorts of tasks. They think that with a helmet, a dodgy ladder and a paintbrush, they will be able to save themselves some money in the long run. We are here to tell you that this just isn’t true! The amount of time we will take to get the work done, and the quality of the job, won’t compare to what you would be able to achieve on your own. It is a much better idea to just get in touch and bring the professionals in. We are cheaper than you might think and we will get the work done while you put your feet up!


When it comes to exterior painting, however, the choice is yours. We are there to provide the service and we will be able to help you with the creative side of it as well. However, if you want a plain block color, there is nothing we would want to say to dissuade you of that! Our design process is pretty simple and lays it all out for you. We will have a discussion and see what you reckon before laying out a plan that suits you!

Give Yourself a Break!

The peace of mind you get from hiring a professional cannot be understated. While we are doing the job quickly and easily, before performing a full clean up job – so it is as if we had never been there – you are able to get on with the things that are more important to you. Make money, spend time with family, go out, enjoy yourself! Get your exterior painting Perth and restorations Perth problems handled the our professionals at Bunbury Painting Service. Contact us now!