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Here in Bunbury, we are lucky enough to live in a great neighborhood with lots of amenities and other such facilities. However, towns run on residential and social areas as well as business blocks. Here in Western Australia, we are no different. We might be on the edge of the beautiful blue ocean but we have industrial areas as well, that run outside of the town’s edges. That, combined with the business that line the coast, means that commercial painting and interior painting work is a very sought-after service and we couldn’t be happier to offer up our contractors for these jobs.

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Colorful Port

When visitors pass through Bunbury, they often remark about the beauty of our coastal town. People seem to be drawn to the idea of an old port city, repurposed for the modern age, with colorful buildings, edgy boutiques and an all round pretty aesthetic. Between the greenness of our trees and the blueness of the water, there is a vibrancy in Bunbury’s image – even the rooftops are different colors. That means, if you want to stay in keeping with the areas look, you should consider a fresh paint job. We are there to provide it for you, just make sure that you get in touch!

We Understand

Here is the thing: we are a business, too. That means that when you contact us for a painting service, we are geared towards making your life easier, and not more of a headache. We know that with dealings we have, we would prefer it if the work we outsourced was simple, quick and hassle-free, which is why we try to aim for that with our own work. You also do not need to worry about the scope or scale of the job at hand. We have all of the tools and the manpower to make sure that no task is too big. We are yet to be beaten and we welcome the challenge of new and large jobs.


One of the most important things to do when planning is paint job is to work out what the main reasons for it are, which then means that you can organize yourself to meet them. For example, are you sure about what paint would be best? Are your colors branded with the rest of the company? Are you sure about the pattern and the design? Do you know how long it will take, or how much it will cost? All of these are things that we are very happy to discuss. We will be with you to support until the entire project is organized and then we will carry it out.

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You can reach Bunbury Painting Service easily by phone or by email. We are always geared up towards making sure that our customer service skills are top-notch. There is a contact form on this website and our contact number is very easy to find. There are no queues, no personal questions, just good, relevant, and helpful advice. If you’re looking for commercial and interior painting Perth, just get in touch today!