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We are a bit old fashioned when it comes to the kind of communication that we prefer. It is not that we are luddites, it is just that we are aware of the pitfalls of modern communication. For example – how many times have you been kept waiting on the end of a phone line for the person to find out where to best direct your call? How many times have you been waiting before an empty email thread wondering whether the company, who may already be being hired to do a job for you, will get back in touch. It is a bit of a slog in today’s climate, or at least it can be and we try our best to make sure that what we are offering is available to you without the headache of getting it sorted. So, if you give Bunbury Painting Service a ring, guess what we will do? That’s right! We will answer the call quickly and give you the professional advice you need to get the ball rolling. If you need us to come and perform a free inspection, then we can certainly talk about doing that as well. Or, if you send us an email, we are there to answer it every day of the week (apart from weekends and holidays). We won’t ask you for any of your contact details or personal information and we won’t be selling it to third party data harvest companies either! It’s a win win for both you and us!